MSI K7N420 Pro BIOS saga continues

When we last spoke BIOS 2.5 Beta 3 had been delivered to TR to test and distribute. Unfortunately the new BIOS rendered my PC unable to boot into Windows 2000, citing an incompatible ACPI BIOS. The difficulties I faced and more remained in BIOS 2.5 final and impacted nearly ever user who upgraded to it.

Testing uncovered that the high performance defaults of BIOS 2.5 were too aggressive for any commercially available memory. These aggressive memory timings caused machines to not POST, to receive an ACPI blue screen (red herring), kernel trap blue screens, or assuming you were one of the lucky ones to reach your desktop, instability.

MSI pulled BIOS 2.5 and released a BIOS 2.6 Beta to a handful of testers. The testers found a few issues with the BIOS and MSI did address those issues in the 2.6 final BIOS, which is now available.

BIOS 2.6 final is the first usable release with the nForce PCI writes correction. Many MSI nForce users have expressed interest in seeing exactly how much PCI performance has been gained. Those of you who participated with us previously, please share your new results with us. Those of you who missed the last round of testing, take a look at the instructions in our earlier news piece and let us know if BIOS 2.6 helps you.

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