Trident to lay tile on PC desktops this fall

Back in April Trident shocked us with the announcement of a new tile-based 3D chip with full DirectX 8.1 vertex and pixel shaders. That's right, Trident.

Now, EE Times is reporting that the new chip will hit desktops this fall.

"This is our return to the desktop mainstream and performance segments," said Le Nguyen, a marketing vice president for Trident (Sunnyvale, Calif.), which has focused primarily on notebook graphics for the last several years.
Trident's new chip won't challenge ATI's Radeon 9700 or NVIDIA's upcoming NV30, but tile-based rendering's more efficient use of resources could fare well against mid-range and low-end competitors.

The fastest version of Trident's XP4 is the T3, which comes in on the elusive 0.13-micron process clocked at 300MHz and up to 256MB of 700MHz DDR SDRAM. Chips are available in quantity now, so it shouldn't be long before Trident's tile-based phoenix rises.

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