DRAM prices affecting graphics cards

These days it's not rare to see even a mainstream graphics card with 128MB of DDR SDRAM. 64MB was considered cutting edge not too long ago, and I wouldn't be shocked to see 256MB boards out by year's end.

With more and more memory chips on graphics cards, and DRAM prices on the rise, it's no wonder some retailers are stocking up.

Graphics card manufacturers, while facing increased costs, have also seen orders grow due to the recent rise in DRAM prices, industry sources said. Fearing that card makers will pass along the higher costs if the trend continues, customers are trying to boost inventories.
DDR SDRAM is in demand in both mainstream PC and graphics markets, so it's not surprising to see prices climbing. In the end, someone's going to have to foot the bill. Let's hope we don't get stuck with it.
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