AMD addresses overclocking controversy

What is AMD's position on overclocking its processors? Recent events have rattled some of us. Now the blokes at The Register have managed to squeeze a little water from the AMD PR stone. Have a look at AMD clarifies overclocking position. Although AMD really isn't saying much, they have said that indviduals are free to overclock their processors. However, resellers selling overclocked CPUs--even those clearly marked as overclocked--do raise some concerns for AMD.

What exactly was AMD up to with the phone calls from lawyers to various vendors? Well, it's hard to say:

He said that while AMD USA had sent out letters to companies re-selling overclocked Athlons, the legal department at the company had confirmed that it had not issued cease and desist notices, nor had it threatened them with litigation.

AMD, he added, has a marketing and engineering agreement with Kryotech, which offers Athlon processors that use overclocking technology.

Hmm. If indeed AMD hasn't threatened litigation, why exactly did they have their lawyers contact vendors? Don't high-priced lawyers, in such scenarios, embody the threat of litigation?

On a related note, the United Overclockers effort, formed to respond to AMD's recent legal moves, seems to be gaining some momentum. A number of vendors have joined up, making the effort a true coalition.

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