ATI plugs hole with Radeon 9500

DigiTimes has uncovered some information on ATI's upcoming Radeon 9500, which we could see mid-Q3.
Though based on the same R300 core, the Radeon 9500 will be priced lower than the company’s top-end Radeon 9700 and offer certain specification variations and a different pin count. ATI said that it would announce the official quote in mid-August.
What ATI is doing to scale down the R300 is anyone's guess, but the part is pegged to compete with NVIDIA's GeForce4 Ti 4200. The GeForce4 Ti 4200 is currently the price/performance leader in graphics, so ATI's challenge will certainly stir things up.

The Radeon 9500 will fill a massive hole in ATI's product line, as the graphics company apparently stopped placing orders for Radeon 8500-based products even before it formally announced the Radeon 9700.

Is it just me, or has ATI started to swagger just a little bit?

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