Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed the articles we've put together over the last couple of weeks. I've been kind of hidden since the SiS 648 review, but I'm around. I've taken some time to face off with Jr. Damage in that timeless battle, Dinosaur vs. Monster. (He always gets to be the dinosaur.) But mostly I've been editing the good stuff that Geoff and Andy have been coming up with. There should be more of the same, plus something nefarious from me, next week.

Any of you guys planning on going to QuakeCon this year? I'm trying to decide whether I can spare the time to drive down there.

Also, have any of you all tried CloudMark? I'd love to try it, but I despise Outlook. Somehow, the Express version of Outlook has been a better mail program for years now. Never has made sense. Of course, the fact that Outlook still can't manage its stored mail properly is also absurd. Why is this so hard? Other mail programs do it. Have for years.

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