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About the middle of the evening Friday night, the web server here went kablooey. We lost the RAID array completely, and we've spent the past 24 hours getting it set up again. During the downtime, we were serving pages off a cobbled-together interim solution. We were able to restore most everything from backups (still working on a few things), but we lost news posts and comments from part of 8/1 and 8/2. The same goes for the forums. So if you're wondering where certain threads or posts went, now you know.

Sorry about that. Believe me, we wish it hadn't happened. We will be investigating better redundancy and failsafe options going forward.

Anyhow, we're running at about 95% now, and the server rebuild gave us the opportunity to install newer versions of all our software. I'm especially pleased to have a newer Linux kernel build with the new VM in it. We were having trouble in low-memory situations with the old VM, and I expect an improvement now when traffic really peaks.

The biggest news here is the heroics of Jer "Azonic" Davis, who really saved our bacon. Jer stepped in and worked non-stop all day long today getting the server rebuilt. Without his help, I'd still be fumbling through Apache compiles and DSOs, and it would not be pretty. So thanks to Jer for saving the day.

Also, the guys at our hosting sponsor, The Planet, couldn't have been any better. Once it was clear the array was toast, they installed Linux and got the box up and running to where we could configure it again. This was a Friday night from 10PM to after 2AM that they were working with us¬óreal pros with real 24/7 support.

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