Iowa College to go paperless

Wired is running an interesting story on Iowa College, which is moving towards a paperless campus.
Instead of a library, the school has a resource center equipped with computer workstations that can access the Web, e-books and online journals. The resource center also houses several meeting tables, audio-visual materials and a few paper magazines -- but no books.

The school plans to be an entirely paper-free campus. Last year, about 75 telecommunications students participated in a pilot program to go paperless. Each student used a Compaq iPaq handheld to access e-textbooks, syllabi and class materials, and to take notes and exams.

Though the article goes on to reveal that students will often print these materials out on their own, I think it's still worthwhile for institutions to push paperless environments.

Personally, I rarely needed paper in my last two years of university. I took notes on my PDA with a portable keyboard, and was able to access almost all of my course materials except for a few textbooks online. What I found most interesting is that my retention appeared to be much better for notes that I typed rather than those that I wrote out by hand. Go figure.

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