ATI slashes FireGL prices

— 4:27 AM on August 8, 2002

First we saw $80 Radeon 9000 Pro cards on Pricewatch, and now this: ATI is taking a hatchet to its FireGL prices and The Inquirer has the scoop.

ATI cut the prices of the FireGL 8700 and 8800 cards by nearly 50 per cent, those prices being operative immediately.

The FireGL 8800 128MB DDR retail part dropped to $260, the bulk 128MB DDR version fell to $255.

Meanwhile the FireGL 8700 retail 64MB DDR fell to $120, while the bulk version of this product fell to $116.

This is perfect for anyone looking to build a 3D workstation on the cheap, but it's also good news for those wanting to get their hands on a FireGL product based on the upcoming Radeon 9700 GPU. What better way for ATI to prepare for a FireGL 9XXX launch than to clear our any remaining 8XXX inventory.

If NVIDIA follows up with some price cuts of its own we might just have ourselves a little graphics price war.

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