McAfee software bundled with Morpheus

McAfee has inked deals to bundle its SecurityCenter software with Blubster and Morpheus P2P file trading clients. The idea is that users will love SecurityCenter so much they'll want to upgrade to other McAfee products. The Register reports: CEO Srivats Sampath said in a statement: "We view the file-sharing community, and especially Morpheus, as an important market moving forward as these networks become more popular and file sharing simultaneously becomes more dangerous."
The deals make sense, but I have to wonder just how many people are actually going to spring for one of McAfee's other commercial products.

A quick scan of the Gnutella network reveals numerous copies of McAfee's own virus scanning software complete with cracks and serial numbers, which has me thinking McAfee may be a little too optimistic about how many P2P network users are going to open their wallets.

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