1. Ace's guide to memory technology: part 3 (thanks billb)
  2. AMDZone has more from Tyan on Mitac relationship
  3. RipNet-UK on dual booting with Windows XP
    and building a PC for Auntie
  4. TweakPC reviews WinOptimizer Suite (in German)
  5. t-break's Creative MuVo Thumbdrive MP3 player gallery
  6. Mikhailtech's August giveaway - week 2
  7. BurnOutPc forums are back again

  1. chillblast cools with Asetek Vapochill & Pentium 4 Northwood
  2. Tweakers Australia reviews Unibrain FireNAS 480GB server
  3. t-break reviews DFI NB76-EA
  4. ComputerBase reviews Shuttle SS51G
    and ten DDR333 / 400 modules (in German)
  5. DeviantPC reviews Corsair XMS3200 CL2 memory
Multimedia, case, and cooling

  1. Tuning Total reviews Leadtek WinFast A250 LE TD (in German)
  2. Digit-Life previews Creative NOMAD Jukebox3
  3. eliteHW reviews Keykatcher hardware keylogger
  4. AusPCWorld reviews Belkin 55-piece toolkit
  5. BurnOutPc reviews aluminum alloy MG 555 case
  6. Overclocker Café reviews Vantec IceBerq chipset coolers
  7. RipNet-UK reviews Arctic Cooling Silent 2500 cooler
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