1. Casejunkiez is back online
  2. PC-TV convergence accelerated by new low-cost chip
  3. PowerLeap introduces new P4 CPU upgrade technology
  4. Microsoft 'forbids' Dell from selling non-Windows PCs? (thanks billb)
  5. Viper's Lair on slipstreaming Office XP SP1
  6. The Inquirer reviews BackUp MyPC and Sygate Personal Firewall (thanks billb)
  7. Blue's News has new Doom III and NOLF2 screenshots (thanks billb)
  8. Humor: Mac couches (thanks Tony Drake)
Systems and multimedia

  1. t-break reviews EPoX 8K5A2+
  2. OcPrices updates PC2700 memory shootout
  3. Oveclockers Online reviews Hercules 3D Prophet 4800
  4. Overclockers New Zealand updates GF4 Ti 4200 roundup
  5. Digit-Life reviews Creative Jukebox 3
  6. AusPCWorld reviews WipeOut universal CD care kit
Power, case, and cooling

  1. Björn3D reviews AOpen 'Strong Power' FSP 300-60BT (12V) power supply
  2. AusPCWorld reviews Macase Champion KA-130BL full tower case
  3. compares Vapochill vs. Prometia - extreme CPU cooling
  4. ipKonfig reviews Y.S. Tech T.M.D. fan
  5. Mikhailtech's Cooler Master copper heatsinks roundup
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