The HardOCP on AMD

Kyle posted this one back on Friday, but I can't let it pass by without notice. Have a look at the HardOCP's take on this biz with AMD and the sale of overclocked systems. Kyle's op-ed piece does a nice job of pulling together most of the pertinent issues. I have to agree on a few points:
1) With the advent of Golden Fingers cards, modded Athlons and systems with them are pretty much doomed without the help of AMD's lawyers.

2) AMD does have some potentially legitimate concerns in this matter, but..

3) AMD (or AMD's law firm) went about this business the wrong way.

But I have to disagree on some others:
1) In my view, the recent statements from AMD UK's PR reps reported in the Register don't really serve to clear the air entirely, like many folks seem to think.

2) I think there's a question about future precedents being set here; I want to see overclocking shops like Kryotech keep overclocking--including the smaller shops--just like I wanna see Saleen Mustangs available. Recent events suggest small vendors who cater to enthusiasts will, at the very least, have to tread very lightly, while big guys like Kryotech will be sharing trade show booths with AMD.

I'll leave it at that for now.
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