Lawmakers want P2P networks targeted

19 US lawmakers have asked John Ashcroft to go after P2P file trading networks and their users with possibility of jail time for offenders. Wired has coverage:
In a July 25 letter released late Thursday, some 19 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle asked Ashcroft to prosecute peer-to-peer networks like Kazaa and Morpheus and the users who swap digital songs, video clips and other files without permission from artists or their record labels.

The Justice Department should also devote more resources to policing online copyrights, the lawmakers said in their letter.

The article goes on to clarify that at least one Republican staffer indicated that the intention was to go after nodes that handle most of the P2P networks' traffic, which means most casual users shouldn't be too worried.

Some may brand this a waste of government resources, but it's certainly a better idea go after copyright violators under current laws rather than enact new laws to allow copyright holders to perform the equivalent of cyber crime.

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