The next wave of memory technology

PC1066 RDRAM currently has the memory bandwidth crown for desktop PCs, but upcoming chipsets from SiS, VIA, and Intel aim to change all that. EE Times has the story:
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) and Via Technologies Inc. are putting the finishing touches on two similar chip sets, the SiS655 and Via P4X600, which offer memory support up to DDR-333. ALi Corp. will not field a device, but Intel Corp. will release a similar chip set, code-named Springdale, next year, which should also support a 667-MHz front-side bus. All of the devices will exceed the front-side bus bandwidth of the Pentium 4 533-MHz Northwood.
DDR-II could finally sound the death knell for Rambus, at least as far as desktop servers are concerned. Then again, RDRAM has been on its last legs for a while now.

If all the latest memory technologies are making your head spin, check out part three of the Guide to Memory Technology over at Ace's Hardware. It's a great PYAITK article that covers DDR333, DDR400, DDR-II, and PC1066 RDRAM technologies.

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