1. AMDZone posts Hammer FAQ version 1.0
  2. X-bit labs previews AMD Hammer processors & x86-64 technology
  3. Hardware Extreme previews AMD Opteron (thanks billb)
  4. The Inquirer on Sun's new servers (thanks billb)
  5. PCStats on AMD vs. Intel: it's an eternal struggle so get used to it
  6. USS Clueless on the new Macs (by Steven C. Den Beste)
  7. 3dGameMan's Sherry Reynolds shows off her PC
Systems and networking

  1. X-bit labs reviews Athlon XP 2200+
  2. [H]ard|OCP reviews ABIT SR7-8X SiS 648
  3. LostCircuits reviews Soltek SL-85MIR-L
  4. TweakPC's KT333 sixpack (in German)
  5. PC Hardware reviews Compex complete wireless solution

  1. Digit-Life reviews ATI Radeon 7500DV
  2. Dark-Tweaker reviews MSI G4Ti4200 64MB
  3. ComputerBase reviews ASUS V8460 Ultra Deluxe (in German)
  4. ReviewMakers review Yamaha CRW-F1 CD-RW drive
  5. The Tech Zone reviews LiteOn SK-2855 USB keyboard
  6. eliteHW's floppy LED mod
  7. Bytesector reviews Line6's GuitarPort
  8. BurnOutPc reviews Sidewinder copper mesh rounded cables
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. SilentPCReview on Q-Technology QT-02300 PSU
  2. The DDR Zone looks at 3R Systems "neon light" midi tower case
  3. The Tech Zone reviews Skyhawk midtower case with window
  4. Gaming in 3D reviews Cooler Master ATC-110 case with window side panel
  5. Neoseeker reviews OCZ Goliath 2 SE
  6. Bytesector reviews ThermalTake P4 Dragon 478
  7. Geekshelter reviews Xoxide clear LED fan
  8. Tuning Total reviews Zalman NB32-J heatsink (in German)
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