Danger's Sidekick reviewed

Danger Research's first hiptop product has hit, and ZDNet has a review. Like Handspring's Treo and Microsoft's new PocketPC Phone Edition, Danger's Sidekick is both a cell phone and a PDA.

The Sidekick is a first generation product, which means that it's not perfect, but the devices pricing makes it hard to resist:

I've been playing with the Sidekick, the first Danger-powered hiptop device (yes, that's a play on laptop), which will be available from T-Mobile Wireless (formerly VoiceStream) in late September. Believe it or not, it's actually going to cost $199 with new activation. Monthly service will run $39.95 for unlimited data--yes, you read that right, unlimited data--plus 200 minutes of peak and 1,000 minutes of night and weekend nationwide talk time.
The Sidekick's low price and incredible unlimited data offer should appeal to a diverse and wide audience, and will hopefully attract third party developers to the platform.
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