1. WinnowSoft releases Winnow Cleaner v2.0
  2. Athlon XP 2800+ will support 333MHz FSB? (thanks billb)
  3. The Inquirer reports that P4 2.8GHz hits Pricewatch (thanks billb)
  4. Amdmb covers QuakeCon day 3
  5. Geekshelter on why MLB sucks
  6. A guide to low cost digital flash memory in the UK
  7. Live PC reviews RecordNow MAX
Motherboards and graphics

  1. OCTools reviews Fastfame 6VQK KT333 motherboard
  2. ComputerBase reviews EPoX EP-4G4A+ (in German)
  3. Hexus reviews Corsair XMS3200 memory
  4. AusPCWorld reviews Tyan Tachyon G9000
  5. Mikhailtech reviews ECS Xabre 400
  6. Explosive Labs reviews Chaintech A-GT61 GF4 Ti 4600
Multimedia, power, and cooling

  1. 8Balls Hardware reviews 16MB Trek ThumbDrive SMART
  2. Icrontic reviews Cooler Master "Ultra Series" rounded cables
  3. ipKonfig and TweakNews review Enermax EG365P-VE 350W PSU
  4. Dark-Tweaker reviews Akasa AK-824 CPU cooler
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