Recording industry takes on ISPs

The recording industry took things one step further last week and filed a suit against a number of ISPs, including heavyweights AT&T Broadband and Sprint. Lately, the recording industry has been targeting peer to peer file trading networks, but this time around it seems that a specific web site is at the heart of the complaint. C|Net reports:
The suit alleges that the Listen4ever site enables Internet users to download music from a centralized location containing thousands of files. This allows them to make unlawful copies of as many recordings as they choose.

The plaintiffs also say that Listen4ever uses offshore servers located in the People's Republic of China to host the Web site through which the illegal copying occurs. They claim that Listen4ever provides its services to Internet users in the United States through backbone routers owned and operated by the defendants.

Dealing with offshore copyright infringements is certainly a challenge for the North American recording industry. If this suit is successful we could see this become the prevalent strategy for dealing with any offshore copyrigh issues whether they're centered around web sites even peer to peer networks. We'll just have to wait and see what happens now that this can of worms has been opened.
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