Here's a Yahoo Daily News article that gives a rundown of this year's Superbowl ads and their dot com focus. Personally, I can't remember a better game or a worse set of commericals. There were a few diamonds in the rough, but the majority of these ads sucked and sucked hard.

To give you an idea in case you missed them, ran a spot that was nothing but a yellow background with "trying to be clever and failing" ad copy "typed" onto the screen in black. At one point it claims "This is the worst commercial on the Super Bowl." Oh, if only that were true. WebMD had a spot with no spoken words, only Muhammad Ali shadow boxing in front of the camera. It probably would've been a powerful ad if the onscreen text had made some semblance of sense.

There were some decent ads. The E-Trade ad with two inbred looking guys and a chimp clapping to music for 25 seconds (ending with "Well, we just wasted two million dollars. What are you doing with your money?") had me rolling. The Mountain Dew ad with a mountain biker chasing down a cheetah who'd stolen a can of 'Dew cracked me up too, as did EDS's "cowboy cat herders" ad (I'm not even going to attempt to explain that one).

Generally speaking though, the ads were bad enough to inspire the rant you see before you; I felt a need, nay, a duty, to do what I could to keep this crap from happening in the future. The Federal Express "Wizard of Oz" take-off, the singing sock puppet, oh, the horror. If this is the current state of the art in advertising, then maybe next year if everyone watching the Super Bowl kicks in five bucks, we can bring back the Bud Bowl.

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