DDR Power Mac performance explored

Apple's use of DDR SDRAM in its new Power Macs was thought to be a step forward, but some recent tests over at Bare Feats reveal that the DDR-equipped dual 1GHz Power Mac is no faster than its predecessor.
To my surprise and chagrin, the new DDR Power Mac has no apparent performance advantage over the old SDR Power Mac running at the same clock speed. The 25% faster system bus seems of no help, either. Depressing. Scandalous!
The article points to a few likely explanations for why this new Power Mac is slower, and it looks like we'll have to wait another 6-8 weeks before we get a look at the performance of the dual 1.25GHz Power Macs. These newer Power Macs will sport the full 2MB of L3 cache, and better support for DDR SDRAM.

At least for now, DDR isn't doing anything for the Power Mac. Thanks to a number of TR readers for mailing this one in.

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