VisionTek looking for alternatives

Over the weekend the [H]ard|OCP reported on VisionTek's foreclosure. VisionTek's own John Malley has issued a statement in response that clarifies a few things:
"An Assignee / Trustee as been appointed, and will attempt to maximize the value of the company's assets. His belief is that the assets have a higher value as a "turn-key" operation than in a liquidation. The Trustee is continuing to operate the company to determine if a sale is a viable alternative to a liquidation, and he is currently talking to interested parties. The company is continuing to take orders, ship products, and honor rebates."
Even though VisionTek is still selling product, it's probably not a great idea to go out and buy one of their cards until the company's fate is determined.

So, who wants to buy VisionTek?

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