Lost Circuits on NV30 production challenges

Lost Circuits' Michael Schuette has posted his thoughts on the rumors surrounding how quickly NVIDIA can get its NV30 onto store shelves. You won't find any graphs or theories on features and potential performance, but you will find an explanation of why NVIDIA will have a rough time pushing out final NV30 silicon by the holidays.
Bottom line is that we can almost guarantee that there will be NV30 on the shelves in December but those may not be representative for the mass production that, if everything goes well, can be expected in February.
NVIDIA is in a tough spot: they're losing to ATI with the back-to-school and holiday buying seasons looming. Regaining the performance crown has to be a top priority for NVIDIA, and even a paper launch may put enough doubt in the minds of potential Radeon 9700 buyers to save the NV30 some market share among gaming enthusiasts.
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