Is your ISP a rat?

The RIAA is now targeting individual users of P2P networks in their fight against the illegal sharing of copyrighted material, and they want ISPs to cough up names. This puts ISPs in a tough spot, since they don't want to be liable for improperly revealing customer information. ZDNet reports:
At issue in the RIAA's request is an obscure part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that permits a copyright owner to send a subpoena ordering a "service provider" to turn over information about a subscriber. It is not necessary to file a lawsuit to take advantage of the DMCA's expedited subpoena process.
ISPs may have no choice but to give up customer information if the RIAA can prove illegal file trading is taking place. I doubt we'll see any ISPs take much of a stand on this one; they probably wouldn't mind seeing less of their bandwidth eaten by P2P file trading networks.
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