Email spam from political candidates OK?

No one likes spam, but this article Mercury News suggest that it might be a good way for monetarily challenged political candidates to reach voters:
But the broader point remains. When a political candidate sends a voter an e-mail, that recipient can choose to delete the message without opening it, unsubscribe from the list, read it or even reply and engage the sender. That choice should belong to the voter -- not to anti-spam advocates whose efforts are better focused on commercial e-mail. Political candidates should be free to communicate with voters as best they can, and let voters decide what to do with that information.
Personally, any political candidate that sends me unsolicited email is guaranteeing that I will not vote for them; I don't care how hard up their campaign is for cash.

The article argues that political spam could help voters make more educated decisions, and I suppose that's true. Still, I don't like my inbox being innandated by unsolicited email, and I would have thought political candidates should be setting a better example.

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