Gateway takes on the iMac

A new set of ads from Gateway is set to directly take on Apple's iMac, and Gateway isn't pulling any punches. C|Net reports:
Gateway's ads will focus on Profile 4's features and performance as compared with the flat-panel iMac. The spots will tout Profile 4 strengths, such as great memory and bundled software extras, over the flat-panel iMac. The ads will end: "Did we mention the Gateway Profile 4 costs less than the iMac?" Gateway estimates that 83 percent of U.S. adults would see the TV ads an average 14 times through September.
Gateway's Profile4 line is pretty deep, and about all the new machines are lacking are rewritable DVD drives, which aren't available on even the most expensive models.

TR reader Howard Huang points out that Gateway can reference a new set of comparative benchmarks that they commissioned from eTesting Labs. The tests leave out Photoshop completely, and the iMacs are without the Jaguar OS X update, but it's better than nothing.

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