Network Associates buys snooping software

Network Associates has bought Traxess, a US-based security company whose DragNet software lets users spy on computer networks. DragNet has the ability to tap everything from email to instant messaging, and could be the next Carnivore.
DragNet is still being tested, but its biggest plus, according to England, is its ability to keep up with an enormous volume of network traffic. The product is designed to stream data to storage at gigabit speeds, but Network Associates didn't reveal how different-sized networks might affect speeds during operation.
The story complements an article over at C|Net describing a Canadian proposal to require ISPs to make it easier for law enforcement to snoop their networks.

While I have few problems with corporations monitoring their networks to make sure that employees are working rather than sending dirty emails, I'm not so sure I want my ISP to have to open its doors to the same kind of snooping.

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