Mobility Radeon 9000 impressions

It was only a matter of time before ATI came out with a version of its Radeon 9000 graphics chip for notebooks, and Kyle Bennett over at the [H]ard|OCP has posted his initial impressions of the chip. Of particular interest is this quote from John Carmack on the chip's surprising performance:
"You know, on our current work at id right now we're still pushing really hard to make DOOM run well on various high end desktop cards. So it's pretty startling to be able to fire it up on a laptop and see it run at a really pretty startling good pace.

The M9 (the Mobility Radeon 9000 code name) laptop part allows the current generation of games to be run at their absolute highest fidelity settings and it's capable of running the coming generation of games."

This is big news for notebook fans, and by the time the new DOOM comes out, notebooks featuring the new chip might actually be reasonably priced.
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