Interesting thoughts on NV28

Penstar Systems has posted a little speculation on what NVIDIA's new line of chips will look like, and their take on the NV28 is especially interesting:
I have a feeling that the NV-28 chip from NVIDIA will not be an advanced refresh from the current NV-25 chip. In fact, it is looking to be a cut down version of the NV-25, which will give the mainstream and low end full DX 8.1 compatibility for NVIDIA. Unlike the ATI Radeon 9000, which has 4 pipelines with a single texture unit per pipe, it appears that the NV-28 will only have two pipelines, with 2 texturing units per pipe. Instead of the dual Vertex Shader units on the NV-25, the NV-28 will feature one.
A cut down NV28 could be a worthy competitor for ATI's value-leading Radeon 9000 Pro, so it will be interesting to see how things shake out. High-end cards like the Radeon 9700 Pro and whatever NVIDIA decides to call the NV30 do push graphics forward, but only a small percentage of the market would ever consider spending that much money on a graphics card whose power make take a year to really exploit.
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