Microtel breaks the $200 mark

It's amazing what you can buy for $199 these days. Microtel's latest Lindows-equipped value PC is available from Wal Mart, and it's broken the $200 price barrier. The new system uses internals from VIA; here's a snippet from their PR:
The combination of the low power VIA C3 processor and 128MB SDRAM on a VIA Apollo PLE133 Chipset based motherboard with integrated 2D/3D graphics provides consumers with all the performance they need to enjoy everyday computing and connectivity applications including E-mail, web browsing, CD/mp3 playback, productivity applications and games, at system prices never seen before.
I should note that the $199 PC doesn't include a network card or modem; it can be equipped with one or the other, and neither will add much to the cost. Now you might be scoffing at the performance of the C3/PLE133 combo, but remember the market we're dealing with here. The next cheapest system is based on AMD's Duron 850MHz, but it sells for 50% more with a price tag of $299. I'm willing to bet that the VIA-based system is a lot more quiet, too, and I have a feeling these things are going to fly off the shelves.
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