More Apple OS rumors

Ars Technica has a couple of interesting stories. The first link says that Apple has been keeping a full-up x86 version of OS X in sync with their PPC version. The reason given is that Apple can use it to check for bugs since they show up with different efficiencies on different platforms. But it certainly makes for a nice backup route, too.

Within that first story is a link to another story on the IBM 64-bit desktop processor which contains the following comment:

"What I find is interesting is the fact that IBM can talk about it. If there was committed Mac design, you know (Apple CEO) Steve Jobs would have his hands around IBM's neck not to talk about this chip," said Kevin Krewell, a senior analyst at In-Stat/MDR. "The fact that IBM is talking about it indicates to me that it's not a mainstream Apple product at this time."
Interesting, no?

The second link is a report from Motorola claiming that their partnership with STMicroelectronics and Philips will give them 90nm-process product six months before Intel can deliver it. Need I tell you where my money is? ;)

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