XP for your living room

C|Net has more details on a line of digital entertainment PCs from partners HP and Microsoft.
Microsoft sees Windows Media Center PCs as ideal for college students or young urbanites living in cramped spaces where a combination computing and entertainment system might be more appealing than separate devices. Besides digital photo, music and movie features already available with Windows XP, the new PCs also would serve as TV tuners and digital video recorders (DVRs) for copying TV shows to the computer's hard drive.
As you might expect, Microsoft has bundled all sorts of useful copy protection into the new OS, which will even prevent you from playing recorded TV shows on any other PC. All the hardware is pre-certified, too; you can't cobble together the parts yourself and expect them to work with the new OS.

Media Center's strict copy protection could be a rude awakening for mainstream users who have been largely sheltered from much of the DRM debate. I'm going to wager that this isn't going to make Joe Sixpack happy at all.

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