The BitBoy saga continues

BitBoys are at it again; this time they've announced their Axe graphics core, which is aimed at volume desktops, but conveniently won't make it to market.
Axe builds on Bitboys patented XBA™ technology, and a complete prototype chip has been manufactured by Infineon Technologies on their 0.17 micron embedded DRAM process. As Infineon has closed down its embedded DRAM fabrication line, Bitboys will not bring Axe to the PC desktop market.
The fact that enough of whatever BitBoys was is still around feeding us press releases is amusing to say the least. Is this just a practical joke that's run far too long, or is some deranged nut slaving away in a shed up in the woods of Finland with a crack team of reindeer "engineers" on the next greatest graphics chip?
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