19" iMacs coming?

— 4:42 AM on September 5, 2002

This story over at The Inquirer suggests that we may see 19" iMacs by the end of the year, just as newer 17" models are being phased in. There's no word on whether the new iMacs will feature a hardware upgrade beyond larger LCD screens, but one can always hope.

Faster hardware certainly wouldn't hurt the iMac, especially with Gateway looking to woo customers with a better price/performance package and a pretty LCD screen of its own. According to Ars Technica's Jaguar review, Apple's OS X update still fails to address some of the OS' GUI performance issues, which faster hardware may help alleviate.

User interface responsiveness continues to be an issue in Jaguar, despite significant strides in this area (e.g. QE). Booting back into Mac OS 9 gives an immediate impression of almost unbelievable speed, particularly when scolling or resizing windows. Unfortunately for Apple, despite the vast technical superiority of Mac OS X over Mac OS 9, perception is often nine-tenths of reality.
Let's hope Apple spends some time thinking inside the box for these new iMacs; even yuppies deserve a snappy GUI.
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