Maxtor to power users: I am your density!

Bonus points to those who get the headline reference. I saw on Slashdot that Storage Review has information on new Maxtor drives, and they're sounding hot.

Maxtor is debuting both 5400 and 7200 RPM models that have 80GB platters. AFAIK, these are the first 80GB per platter drives; by way of comparison, Western Digital's 120GB SE model (currently the fastest IDE hard drive available) has 40GB platters. The new drives resemble Western Digital's SE line in at least one respect however; the 7200RPM version of the new drives will have an 8MB cache version, and a serial ATA interface is another option.

Given a doubling in aereal density and equal cache size vs. Western Digital's flagship, it's likely the new Maxtor's will quite easily take the pole position in the IDE hard drive race.

There is one less exciting note, however; according to Storage Review, Maxtor's warranty on desktop hard drives will change from three years to one year, effective October 1. I suppose there are two possible outcomes here: Other manufacturers will leave their warranty at three years, come out with 80GB/platter drives of their own, and leave Maxtor in the dust, or other manufacturers will also drop their warranties to one year, and the consumers will get screwed.

You can read the full Maxtor press release here. Oh yeah, more bonus points for pointing out how drives with 80GB per platter densities will come in 60GB and 120GB models; I'm at a loss to explain that one.

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