The horrors of new hard drives

OK, I'm not usually one to poke fun (much), but this guy is just asking for it. Take a look at this Yahoo Daily News article from the Associated Press. I figure this guy is asking for it, because he claims he's a "real geek," yet he wrestles for 3 hours trying to install an 8 gig drive on an ancient PC without bothering to think that the BIOS might need upgrading.

What kills me is that he laments how difficult computers are to work on, citing the hard drive sitting on the "Table of Unused Hardware." Why is it sitting there? Because after he figured out how to make it work, he decided he'd rather install it in a new machine. So apparently it's the computer's fault that he changed his mind. Dumbass.

Perhaps most terrifying of all is the fact that he ends the article by talking about the "morale" of the story. That's right, an Associated Press writer doesn't know the difference between the words "moral" and "morale." The way I see it, the moral of this story is that if you want to be a tech writer who bills himself as a computer geek, you shouldn't admit that you didn't realize BIOS revisions and hard drive support were related. The morale of this story, on the other hand, must be pretty low—I know I'd be depressed if I were a story and my author was a total moron.

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