Ack. It was a pretty unproductive weekend around here for me. Too much watching the kids and not enough writing. I should have something done before too long, but not tonight.

I'm glad the NFL is back, though. Did you guys catch the end of the Chiefs-Browns game? That was one of the strangest endings to a football game I've ever seen. At least the right team won.

Call me a pessimist, but I'm thinking NVIDIA may miss its promised August ship date for nForce2 products. Hmm.

Our Statsman Folding stats page did a strange thing this weekend. So did everyone else's, apparently. There was some kind of time warp involving massive amounts of unit production and then equally massive negative production numbers.

Maybe NVIDIA should talk to the Statsman about the time warp technology.

By the way, nobody bit (yet?) on our request for help getting a new dually G4 Mac for benchmarking. We are still thinking about how to get hold of a machine long enough (a few weeks) to conduct a proper set of tests. I looked into renting one, but that's as expensive as buying one outright—and these Macs aren't cheap.

Which reminds me, we are currently enjoying the delights of potty training Jr. Damage. To help the process along, his mom (in cahoots with her aunt, I believe) purchased a tape player and an audiotape of potty songs, with such hits as "Here I go poopty poop". She put it into the bathroom for the child to listen to on his plastic pot. That was bad enough all by itself, but the kiddie tape player came with a microphone attached. That's right: we've got crapper karaoke. I'm already bracing for 20 years down the line when we find out what kind of deep, psychological scarring this whole thing has caused the kid.

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