Audiogalaxy launches Rhapsody

Audiogalaxy is the latest music sharing service to take a stab at going legit, and you can try out their new Rhapsody service for free until the end of the week. Rhapsody is a subscription-based streaming audio service, and as you might expect, you can't transfer files to portable audio players or burn your own CDs. Still, the service does look promising considering the $9.95 monthly charge:
  • Over 17,000 albums by over 7,000 top artists
  • No Limits: hear what you want, when you want it
  • Musicians and songwriters get paid when you listen
  • Listen in CD quality sound instantly - No waiting for downloads
  • Play entire albums, create custom playlists
  • Professionally programmed radio (with skip!)
  • No viruses or adware
  • One low monthly price
Access to a library of 223,448 tracks on 17,513 albums from 7,447 artists for only $10 a month doesn't sound like a bad deal, especially given that the service allows unlimited listening. However, I do have to question the claim of "CD quality sound." Back in the day, people claimed 128k MP3s were CD quality, but you'd have to have a pretty lousy set of speakers or a severe hearing deficiency to fall for that.
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