Windows XP Service Pack 1 released

Service Pack 1 for Microsoft's Windows XP operating system is out, and you can pick up the collectoin of bug fixes with Windows Update. Microsoft is checking for valid CD keys this time around, so all of you that went with the convenience of a corporate version installation have a little extra work to do when upgrading.

PC makers aren't jumping on the SP1 bandwagon just yet, mainly because SP1 is more a collection of bug fixes and security patches than anything that adds sexy new features or functionality. SP1 isn't problem-free either, and there's already a list of problems associated with the update.

Despite the need for a service pack to address security issues and bugs, manufacturers are apparently very happy with the reduction in service calls they've seen with the new OS.

A number of factors apparently affected PC makers' slow approach to the service pack. Many manufacturers have reported a dramatic decline in technical support calls with Windows XP compared with older versions of the operating system.
XP is a huge improvement over the Windows 9x series that used to plague home PCs, so that probably has a lot to do with the drop in service calls. A more computer-savvy population can't hurt, either.
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