Intel's grande plans for copy protection

Intel's next generation of processors will hit sometimes next year, and they'll come packaged with LaGrande, a technology that can protect you from hacking, viruses, and potentially your own misguided desire to violate copyrights. LaGrande will work in conjunction with software like Microsoft's Palladium to guard your PC and all the copyrighted works contained within against meddling.

Now I'm all for copyright holders not getting ripped off, and yes that includes record labels who have convinced artists to sign away their lives for a quick buck, but DRM that flips off fair use isn't something I'm happy about. I just finished ripping all 300 or so of my CDs to MP3 and there's no way I shouldn't be able to listen to that music from any one of my PCs, or even throw it onto a MiniDisc to take out for a run or to the gym.

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