nForce2 not quite there yet

This story over at X-bit Labs claims that nForce2-based products, which were supposed to be out in force by mid-month, have been delayed several weeks. Motherboard manufacturers are apparently having problems with the new feature-rich chipset, and stability issues with the chipset's DDR400 support may be what's holding things up.

VIA's move to leave DDR400 support out of the KT400 chipset may look silly to some, but it may have been a necessary sacrifice to get a chipset supporting AGP 8X and a 333MHz front side bus out to market. NVIDIA claims that nForce2 boards will apparently be ready by the time the Athlon XP moves to a 333MHz front side bus, but what kind of DDR400 support they'll have and how stable they'll be remains to be seen. I really do hope NVIDIA pulls this one off, but apparent inconsistencies in current DDR400 modules don't make me optimistic.

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