Blizzard bans cheaters

— 12:43 PM on September 12, 2002

Cheating in multiplayer online games has become rampant, but game developers are fighting back. Recently we've seen Counter-Strike ban cheaters from secure online servers for 24 hours, and now Blizzard is taking steps to punish abusers of Warcraft III. Wired reports:

Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment claimed the gamers were using a hack that enabled them to see into their opponents' territories, giving them a huge advantage in Internet combat. The company reacted by banning the cheaters from online tournament play for two weeks and resetting their accounts, wiping out win-loss records that can take months to assemble.
Some gamers are complaining that the ban is too lenient because it doesn't restrict access to casual multiplayer gaming on, but it's a start. With the majority of gamers behind penalizing online cheaters, expect to see more companies joining the ban club in the future.
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