Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+: Paper or vapor?

I had a conversation with an AMD rep today about availability of the newest speed grades of the Athlon XP, the 2400+ and 2600+. Since AMD formally launched the processor, and we reviewed it, on August 21st, many of you guys have written in asking when you can buy these chips. AMD is sticking to what they told the world when the chip launched, and I quote:
Systems featuring the AMD Athlon XP processors 2600+ and 2400+ are expected to be available in desktop PCs from major computer manufacturers worldwide in September.
Obviously, September isn't over for a couple of weeks yet, so there's still time for AMD to hit this schedule. However, production chips have not yet shipped in volume to OEMs, as I understand it.

In fact, one very credible source outside of AMD cited 9/20 as a target date for delivery of B2 revision samples of the new Athlon XP chips, which suggests the chips aren't at final silicon yet.

I'd say launching a product five weeks before initial availability is pretty much a paper launch. We do have a working 2600+ engineering sample here, though, and it's quite real. You just can't buy one, and you can't have mine.

As for volume availability of the 2400/2600+ models, including boxed processors, this particular AMD rep didn't have any ETA or timetable for that. As ever, large customers like big PC builders will be given priority. Retail boxed products will come once those larger customers have been satisfied.

So if you're looking to buy a 2400+ or 2600+, hurry up and wait—probably until some time in October.

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