ATI to launch new All-In-Wonder on Monday

I haven't even tried to confirm this one with ATI, but a credible source inadvertently let slip to me yesterday that ATI will be launching a new All-In-Wonder card (or cards) on Monday. ATI is apparently flying its favorite press hacks into Las Vegas over the weekend to wine 'em, dine 'em, and let them drive stock cars out at the Las Vegas Speedway. A thrilling video card launch will follow. I'd expect to see All-In-Wonder card reviews on Monday, as well, but that's just me guessing.

Presumably, ATI's new card or cards will be based on the new Radeon 9000 and/or 9700 chips. Since the Radeon 9000 Pro is the price/performance leader and the Radeon 9700 is the all-out performance king, the new AIW product(s) should be quite nice. Used in conjuction with DirectX 9, all Radeon 9700 cards should be able to use their pixel shaders to perform complex image processing filters on video streams in real time.

These cards should use the new video processing unit integrated into the 9x00-series chips instead of an external Rage Theatre chip. I'd expect to see video "de-blocking" via pixel shaders featured on these cards, but probably few major changes. ATI's excellent RF remote doesn't need upgrading. Newer versions of ATI's Multimedia Center shipped with current 9x00-series cards, and I'm sure they will figure prominently into the new AIW line's PR hypeĀ—hence the Catalyst suite version 2.3 release today. No doubt ATI's HDTV-capable digital TV tuner will return in the new AIWs, along with ATI's new component (Y/Yr/Yb) HTDV output cable.

To get a sense of the current state of All-In-Wonder type products, check out our DV graphics comparo and our review of Compro's GF4 Ti 4200-based Personal Cinema card.

UPDATE: ATI wrote in to tell me that my source's info on the release of the next All-in-Wonder cards is incorrect. Here is what John Swinimer, PR Manager, Consumer Products, has to say:

While I can't talk about unannounced products, I can tell you with all certainty that ATI will not be announcing any new version of the ALL-IN-WONDER on Monday, September 16.
So it sounds like my source was incorrect. I guess we'll have to wait a little longer for this one.
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