Parhelia saunters forward

Matrox's new Linux/XFree drivers provide basic functionality (no 3D) and single, dual-stretched, dual-independent, and triple-head desktops. I'm told the driver is Linux-specific, thus FreeBSD users will find themselves out of luck.

Meanwhile, Matrox's WinNT 4 drivers made their debut recently, and the 2000 and XP drivers were updated, as well. The biggest change in the new 1.01 drivers is their certification for use with AutoCAD 2002, 3ds max 4.2/4.3, and SolidWorks 2001+. Despite the certification, there does seems to be a small number of niggling issues left to resolve. A new version of the Matrox Technical Support Tweak Utility follows these driver releases. The utility is now Parhelia compatible; it gives control over AGP settings and provides the ability to define custom resolutions.

Also of interest is an apparent incompatibility between the Parhelia and the i860 chipset. Matrox support is informing users to return current-revision cards, and they're telling potential Parhelia owners with 860 chipsets to wait and periodically check in on the status of the issue. Not good news for a card targeted at the workstation market.

Finally, for those of you out there with a Parhelia and the Reef Demo, try this: While it's running, type in "sheeponparade". You'll get an interesting Easter egg. You'll want to try this before installing the new Parhelia drivers, because the Reef Demo doesn't work with the new drivers. Thanks to GinoCyber on MURC for that tip.

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