Linux worm on the loose

Microsoft gets railed all the time for security problems with this, that, and the other software package or operating system, so it's only fair that I dole out Linux' share. There's a Linux worm making the rounds, and this clever bit of malicious code actually creates networks of infected machines ready to do the bidding of whoever wants to control them.
What sets Slapper apart from other worms is its networking capability. Once a server is infected, it becomes part of a network of compromised machines, which the worm's author can use to attack other networks.
It appears that, as always, machines with the latest fixes and patches applied aren't at risk. But how much this worm spreads and just what kind of damage it does will depend largely on how vigilant Linux admins with their server maintenance. Remember, they don't necessarily have the same fear and paranoia when it comes to security attacks as oft-targeted Windows admins.
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