Lindows 2.0 released

After a shaky initial release, Lindows 2.0 is out. The new version of this mainstream-targeted, Linux-based OS comes complete with a bunch of new features, most notably a revamped GUI, enhanced printer and laptop support, and the ability to browse Windows networks.

Lindows does support popular Windows file types, and it can run certain Windows programs, but its biggest claim to fame could be that you can find it on $199 PCs at Wal Mart. A $199 PC with Lindows should be able to handle the basic Internet surfing, email, word processing, and even spreadsheet demands of Joe or Jane Sixpack. Though some Linux aficionados may scoff at the new OS, Lindows has the potential to make quite a dent in Microsoft's mindshare monopoly, at least among price-conscious consumers.

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