Poll time: Graphics memory

It's time for a new poll, but before we tackle this week's topic, let's take a look at last week's results. There was a little confusion surrounding the last poll, since some readers were unsure how to classify internal speakers and subwoofers. In the end, 27% of voters have a two-speaker setup, followed closely by 24% with three speakers, and 21% with five speakers hooked up to their PC sound system. 11% of voters have four and six speakers hooked up respectively, and only 3% have their PC audio pumping to seven speakers. The remaining 4% suffer through with just a single PC speaker, or no speakers at all.

This week, graphics memory is under the microscope:

How much memory is on your primary graphics card?
Are you cruising along with 256MB of graphics memory, or chugging with only 16MB? Either way, let us know; go vote.
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