Palm to unveil new PDAs next month

Palm is poised to introduce three new PDAs in October, a little late for the back-to-school buying season, but with plenty of time left before the holidays. C|Net reports:
In a bid to expand its consumer base, Palm will begin selling a new $100 consumer model through a wider range of retail outlets, Bradley said in an interview with ZDNet UK. The company will also release two new high-end models--one based on the ARM architecture and Bluetooth connectivity and another using always-on wireless GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) capabilities--in October.
Only one of the high-end models will feature Palm's much-anticipated PalmOS 5 operating system, but it looks like the real push will be behind the $100 budget model. Rumor has it that this mainstream product will be called the Zire, and PDA Geek claims to have a photo of the new device.

PDA sales have been slumping for quite some time now, and while a $99 price point may not be enough to bring back the phenomenal growth that the PDA industry has enjoyed in the past, it might just bring some new users into the fray.

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