LCD sales slumping, prices dropping

How does a 15" LCD for $195US sound? That's as low as they're selling according to this story over at DigiTimes:
The average sales price of South Korean 15-inch LCD monitor panels has dropped to US$200 and some panels were sold for as low as US$195, according to an industry analysis report released by Deutsche Securities on September 18.
The Register is reporting that LCD sales are still slumping, which means further price drops could be around the corner. Manufacturers are moving production to 17" screens, so I wouldn't expect prices on 15" models to drop much more, but one can always hope.

LCDs aren't a perfect substitute for CRT monitors in all applications, but dropping prices could entice consumers to pick up the slim, gorgeous displays. I've been testing a number of different LCD monitors for an upcoming article and so far I've been quite impressed, even with gaming performance. So, what would it take to put an LCD monitor on your desktop?

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